Beef Kaak

What is better than the smell of a freshly-baked kaak, topped with beef? – Nothing! indeed!

If you want to try the tastiest beef kaak in Abu Dhabi, order our aesthetically-pleasing kaak and warm your senses with its superior taste! Leave your troubles behind, try our super favorable and hearty beef kaak, and lose yourself in the one-of-a-kind aroma. Our kaak exudes a fairy tale aroma that satiates your hunger, warms your soul, and captures your heart at the same time.

Eager to try it? – Bite into the kaak, but make sure not to burn your mouth! If you can’t help it, we can’t just blame you! We have to warn you; its rich smell will get you floating slowly towards it, no matter your location.  Try it out now and thank us later!

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