Bread with Sesame

Want to try the tastiest bread in Abu Dhabi? – Our special Sesame bread will steal your heart, providing a satisfying meal that will warm your soul with its intense flavor. Crispy, chewy, tasty, and nourishing! Want to try a unique twist on two of our favorites?! The oh-my-god moist of Cheese spread and running inside, adding an extraordinary touch to the bread. If you think bread is tasty only with cheese, you’re wrong! Try it with cheese and beef and it will be your new favorite snack.

When you smell the exceptional aroma of our special bread, you won’t be able to wait long until you devour it all. And, because we never settle for less, our fresh bread will satisfy even the picky eaters. Scrumptious! Every bite will leave you craving for more and don’t get amazed if our delicious bread becomes one of your favorite morning routines!

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