Time to freshen up and start your morning just right! Traditional food is always on the trend, bringing back a taste of home mingled with lovely memories. Not knowing what to eat? Our manakish should always be your go-to order when feeling confused. Scrumptious and yummy, we offer several types of manakish that will fill your hunger and leave you with a smile on your face.

Should I order this or that? Bite on the savory flavor of cheese, topping the freshly baked manoushe. Also, our top beef cuts are chewy and delicious enough to make you want more. The freshly kneaded dough will take your senses to another level, filling you with their appetizing aroma and delicious taste. Boulangerie chefs know how molten cheese gives a cheerful thrill to eaters, adding yummy vegetables to the iconic mix.  Are we in heaven yet? Well, no, you’re in Boulangerie!

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