Our Story

Take a look at our bakery and discover how we work

Who we are?

Boulangerie Du Mayass Bakery was established in 2020 when we thought of adding something really cool in Abu Dhabi. We are a team that’s obsessed with creating super-yummy bakery and unique desserts. We proudly produce all types of Lebanese Kaak and all traditional Lebanese Bakery. A new recipe makes life brighter and lighter! We love the iconic transformation of an ordinary dough into a heavenly kaak or an outstanding piece of cake, doing magic out of simple ingredients. We turn familiar treats upside down, creating our new sweet & savory world of infinite possibilities.

That’s how; we decided to share our secret recipes with the world and there is no going back. We’ve made it to the spotlight and won’t stop until we shake the dessert and bakery scene in Abu Dhabi. Will you join us?! Layering cakes in our kitchens, cheese-dripping burger, warm kaak, and tasty mixed fruit juices? – We have them all and more!

Our Principle

We believe that food brings people together! And, all we want is to create a cozy environment away from the buzzing world for people to sit, relax, and talk to each other. We aren’t after feeding the hypebeast, but we’re super into feeding our freshly-baked delights to everyone, even picky eaters. Ready to make some memories?!

Our Mission

Our team consists of skilled Lebanese bakers with over 50 years of combined experience, ensuring an unmatched taste, reinvented for everyday indulgence. We exert efforts to spread joy and make sure you leave with a smile on your face. We also believe that you don’t need an occasion to pamper yourself or celebrate your love. “No Occasion” will be the perfect occasion to make yourself happy. Do you agree?!


Bakery paradise, delivering a sweet taste of home!

Our Services

  • Lebanese Food
  • Kaak and Manakish
  • A nice juice bar
  • Food Delivery
  • Catering for events
  • Full-service catering menu
  • Great pastries
  • Soothing atmosphere

Our Products

Bread 95%
Cookies 79%
KAAK 99%
Cupcakes 88%
Wedding Cakes 69%

Our Bakery Team

Meet the artists behind this heavenly smell!

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